Italy is the most beautiful country in the world and we know the hidden gems.

From the sea you can visit beautiful places that are hidden from most people.

A common thread guides our travels with the perfect balance of good food, life in nature and the discovery of art and history.

You will be the one deciding whether having an active holiday with sports, excursions and tours or just enjoying the absolute relaxation and peace; whether treating yourself with starred restaurants or preferring simple but delicious local taverns.

You tell us what you like and we will take you there!
And if you still don’t know, trust us and our experience.


Amalfi Coast &
Flegree Islands

This itinerary is a mix between worldliness and authenticity. An ideal holiday for those who want to visit the Amalfi Coast with its famous and busy stops like AMALFI, RAVELLO, POSITANO and SORRENTO and then escape the summer crowds by seeking peace on board our catamarans. In addition, the view from the sea of the Amalfi Coast will make you see unique ravines and corners that remain hidden from the land. Incredible gourmet restaurants and famous locations accessible only by boat… we know them all!

The wind will lead us to CAPRI, is there really anything to add to this name? Famous all over the world, Capri is one of a kind. The square for the aperitif, the most exclusive Italian stylists boutiques, typical Neapolitan cuisine restaurants, the Blue Grotto, the VIPs on holiday and the paparazzi … Anchor the boat at night by the Faraglioni, surrounded by the largest Yachts in the world .

On ISCHIA we recommend a pampering day. Like the ancient Romans, we will enjoy the thermal baths and beautiful local Spas. From the most exclusive to the cheapest, Ischia offers a moment of relaxation for everyone, all topped by enchanting villages that are well worth a visit.

The island of PROCIDA has remained absolutely authentic, mass tourism has not discovered it yet and we like to enjoy it in all its original splendor. There is a special perfume when you arrive in Procida, the scent of traditional family dinners on warm summer nights with tables set directly on the fishermen’s pier.

Departures from Salerno or Naples



The archipelago of the Pontine islands is a suitable itinerary for those who want to enjoy the crystal clear water for bathing, scuba diving or fishing trips. Perfect for spending a long weekend, or a week in complete relaxation, out of time.

PONZA Choosing a unique site in Ponza, where one location is more spectacular than another, is truly impossible. Arriving from the sea you will be able to take a postcard perfect picture of those colorful houses so characteristic of the Ponza harbour. The majesty of the tuff cliffs, one hundred meters high overlooking the sea, the dinner under the full moon in Chiaia di Luna, the sunset at the natural rock arch that rises from the sea, a dip in the natural pools dug by the wind and the sea over the centuries or a guided visit to the caves of Pilate for a journey through history are just some examples. The sight of Ponza is wonderful from land and from sea, it keeps a special lure by day and by night, it is always chic and charming in its authenticity!

PALMAROLA With the push of a nice afternoon breeze, we will sail towards this unspoiled island. Known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, the waters of Palmarola are among the most beautiful of our seas. Crystal clear, uninhabited, green and clean, it will remain in your memory for a thousand reasons: the breathtaking views of Le Cattedrali and Faraglioni di Mezzogiorno just to name a few. Mistral wind permitting, we will anchor at Cala del Francese for a unique adventure that will take us up to the top of San Silverio rock. You will enjoy a unique sunset, a magical starry night and you will sleep lulled by the sea.

VENTOTENE In days of good visibility, from Ponza you will see the peculiar outline of the island of Ventotene which resembles a whale. This island is unique due to the presence of an ancient Roman harbour, dug out of the tuff and still fully in use nowadays. The local restaurants with fresh fish always guaranteed, the bakeries plenty of pizzas, breads and focaccia, the typical local lentil soup are just some of the scents you’ll smell in the narrow and winding alleys of the island. This is the ideal place for some historical tours, such as exploring the prison island of Santo Stefano. For those who do not wish to leave the water, Ventotene will be the ideal place for guided dives as part of a natural reserve.

Departures from: Nettuno, San Felice Circeo, Gaeta, Ponza (connected daily with Formia and in high season also with Anzio / Nettuno)



Seven islands scattered north of the Sicilian coast, in the deepest blue waters of the Mediterranean. Although they owe their name to the God of the wind, Eolo, they are not typically very windy, but a gentle breeze blows regularly, which makes the routes between the islands perfect for sailing lovers.

On VULCANO island, the climb to the crater is exciting and not too hard. The most relaxed ones will even be able to take it by quad. The view of the three craters is breathtaking! And the volcanic lake with hot mud is an open-air spa.

LIPARI, on the other hand, is the largest of the islands and also the most inhabited. It offers a wider range of activities of shore excursions, such as visits to churches, architecture, museums and the icing on the cake … the wonderful Pomiciaia, the white beach of Lipari! The water will feel like your dipping your toes in a swimming pool … but you’ll soon realize that the anchor has been thrown into the amazing turquoise water of the Mediterranean sea!

SALINA is the island where “The Postman” was filmed, the island that seduced the famous Italian actor Massimo Troisi. Famous for the cultivation of capers and for the production of Malvasia, an excellent local wine… “the nectar of the Gods” as we like to refer to it in Italy. In Salina you will eat the best granitas and admire the most beautiful sunsets of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is unmissable and best enjoyed with an aperitif in the bow or a dip in the water in the sun.

For nightlife lovers, there is PANAREA, by far the most elegant of the Sicilian archipelago and favorite hangout for young people and VIPs. Wander through the alleys of the island among its villas with white walls and colorful bougainvillea with the typical bright tones of red and purple or simply get lost among the exclusive boutiques and starred restaurants … let yourself go in a fairytale night in the famous clubs of the island savoring local citrus cocktails on warm summer nights.

Over Iddu (“he” in local dialect) there on the horizon, you can always see a cloud of steam, the unmissable STROMBOLI, a still active volcano. You will be amazed by the show that the volcano punctually gives us every night and you can choose to either enjoy it comfortably on board the catamaran under the stars, sipping a good wine or directly on top of the crater for the more daring ones who decide to face the steep climb. A show that is priceless in both cases!

Last but not least , there are two less populated islands, ALICUDI and FILICUDI. The oldest and most natural islands, they are completely unspoiled, where it is a must to dive into the blue water of “La Canna”. Don’t forget your mask and snorkel … there are thousand species and colors waiting for you!

Departures from the Marina of CAPO D’ORLANDO (equidistant from the airports of Catania and Palermo, and also reachable by train). Possibility to embark also directly from Lipari, reachable by hydrofoils or ship from Milazzo, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Palermo and Naples.


Sardinia &

More than fifteen islands and islets to be discovered on board our catamarans. This itinerary will make you understand why this stretch of coast is known as “Costa Smeralda”, the Emerald coast. The red and smooth rock typical of this area contrasts and enhances the turquoise of the sea, giving the eyes an incomperable sight. A strong Mistral wind will keep you company and give you an adventurous sailing experience.

The coast of northern Sardinia is also famous for trendy harbour towns like Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and Poltu Quatu. If glamour is not your thing, then the islands of the Maddalena Archipelago will be the best option for you! With relativly few towns and villages the keywords are sun, sea and relaxation. Bring a good book, good company and enjoy the sailing, lunches on board and one swim after another!

With the sails unfolded we will travel to Corsica stopping for a dip in the two islands of the park. On the French side a lunar landscape with fine sand and water populated by the most beautiful and varied species awaits you. The entire body of water in the archipelago is a protected marine park. We will reach the port of Bonifacio, a fjord, between the very high white limestone walls where the charm of a natural port is worth the whole trip.
Depending on the prevailing wind we can choose whether going up the east or west coast of Corsica. Both offer incredible views, huge and desolate beaches and ancient villages full of life with a French touch.

Departures and arrivals from / to Porto Pozzo (Sardinia, 50 km from Olbia Airport)

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